The Man Keeping In-Ter-Dance Raving!

The Man Keeping In-Ter-Dance Raving!

 The man keeping In-Ter-Dance alive, founding member and current C.E.O Steven Kenyon, talks about the history of In-Ter-Dance, Mensa, and what the collaboration with Klubbers means to him. Not only does Steven still put on hugely successful In-Ter-Dance events, he also runs the most popular online group for ravers - The Old School Ravers Retirement Home on Facebook- which contains tens of thousands of members. 

Read what he has to say below:

It's such a great honour to be working alongside KLUBBERS Clothing enabling me to bring our unique In-Ter-Dance flyers back to life and support some very worthy causes around the UK.

Mensa aka Adam Williams was the main man & founder of the legendary In-Ter-Dance. My name is Steven Kenyon, I was his right hand man & PR manager and best friend, Mensa looked after the South coast I covered London and all the surrounding boroughs.

Mensa and I, along with some of the rest of the crew, designed and came up with the flyers which we distributed all over the south of the UK - each run would have 20,000 printed and I believe it was these unique designs set us a part from other brands and helped us to build a real name for ourselves. It’s amazing to see them still sold on sites like Ebay, and feature in rave history books, to this day and I'm so proud of the legacy we have created.

Mensa was sadly killed in a car accident Feb 94 just before our Valentines event which was held at RAVENATION on the south coast. The event still went ahead as Mensa would have wanted it to and to this day I’ve kept In-Ter-Dance going in the same vein. When Mensa passed away it left a huge hole in my heart and it hit me hard, but I made the decision to relaunch In-Ter-Dance 2011. We put on events all over the UK raising money and supporting victims of domestic abuse whilst keeping the Old Skool Rave movement alive.

Sterns night club, a feature on many of our flyers, was not just our main venue - it was our HOME. Thousands from all over the UK and overseas would flock to our amazing underground RAVE nights .We put on events at other venues around London & the south of England & over seas. If I could pick just one of many memories from our awesome events it would be the night Prodigy played for us at STERNS. 

Prodigy were just starting out and In-Ter-Dance was their break-through event. Along with many other famous  and world class DJs, once you played for In-Ter-Dance the world became your oyster. I looked after the Prodigy the night they played for us, they seemed very nervous - they didn’t want to come to the vip room to chill out before their set but we had no other place for them to go - so they ended up in a store room full of brooms and mops. It was in the broom cupboard I served them champagne and looked after them until they went on stage, a memory that will stay with me for life. That night was amazing they smashed it the underground went mad. Hysteria hit Sterns 5 weeks later, Prodigy were on top of the pops - Charley became a huge hit, and Prodigy went on to be the global phenomena they are today. 

With the launch of these amazing t-shirts put together by KLUBBERS clothing,  I know that Mensa will be very proud of what we are doing. I’m so excited KLUBBERS have given them a new lease of life. They look awesome! Wear with pride & know you are supporting some very worthy causes around the UK. BIG UP YA SELF YOU HAVE RAVE HISTORY ON YA CHEST

Steve F K C.E.O and Founding Member of In-Ter-Dance   

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